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Leadership: The New Scarcity

shutterstock_31685794When the bell rings, line up in a straight line. No talking. Follow the rules. Don’t question, just obey. Colour inside the lines. Raise your hand. Speak only when spoken to.

The system has indoctrinated our thinking and our behaviour.

We’ve been programmed to fit in, to follow the rules and not to question. We were taught that obedience, compliance and conformity were expected at school and work (you were probably even promoted or rewarded because of them).

But, the world has changed.

In fact, it continues to change faster than many of us realise or anticipate.

In the new world of work obedience, compliance and fitting in just won’t cut it anymore.

So, what is the alternative?


Many of us might be tempted into thinking that leadership is a title or a position. This is not the case. Leadership is less about the title, designation or rank that we hold, and it has more to do with our attitude, behaviour and our ability to add value and make a difference.

Leadership is how we influence and connect with those around us. It is not always easy. Sometimes it’s hard and that’s why it is so scarce, but it is available to all of us.

Personal Leadership

Something mysterious happens on the 1st January, every year. As the clock strikes midnight and as the fireworks explode, we get caught up in the frenzy and excitement of a New Year. A new beginning. A clean slate. In that moment, we suddenly feel the urge to commit. We commit to becoming better versions of… Continue Reading

Are you adding value?

One of my favourite authors and consultants the late Jim Rohn, asks the questions,”Are you adding value to your industry?” He then goes on to mention that if you want to make more money become more valuable. People will pay you according to the value that you bring. Right now if you aren’t being paid… Continue Reading

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